Ready to Grow Your Beauty Business?

Marketing support for independent beauty business owners who want to increase sales and find new customers

Are you struggling to make more money from existing clients?


Do you want to sell more and find new customers too?


Are you unsure what to do next because you’re not tech savvy or knowledgeable about marketing?


Then you’re in the right place!

I’m Jackie Gardiner, aka The Marketing Gardiner (cheesy I know!). I help  independent health and beauty business owners set up business and marketing processes to get them organised and making more money.

I’m a bit of a tech lover and am amazed by all the great digital tools available for business owners to use, but I know not everyone feels the same way. So I have combined my love of tech and marketing expertise to share with people like you so you can stop worrying about paying the bills and start enjoying being a successful business owner. 

Whether you’ve been in business a while or just starting out I can help. I promise no jargon or complicated methods, just a straightforward path to getting the business and lifestyle you dream of having.



Have you flirted with the idea of Facebook Ads or perhaps given it a go without luck? There is a checklist as long as your arm to make sure your ad meets guidelines and gets seen by the right people. Very cost effective for local businesses even for those on a shoestring budget.


If business took off tomorrow would you still be able to cope running it and give good customer service? Take advantage of the wide array of digital tools available to keep you free for those new customers and not tied up to a phone or computer!


Run out of ideas for your newsletter or finding that subscribers aren't reading it? It's time to put emails to better use and stop waiting for them to come to you. Sell more stuff by using email marketing the right way and get real engagement from your customers.


Want to reward genuinely loyal customers and stop giving stuff away for free? Implement a loyalty program that encourages customers to become regulars and not freeloaders! It's not as complicated as you might think to hold on to good customers.