Case Study: Holistic & Mystic

Holistic & Mystic organise multiple annual events to support and promote the best spiritual and well being products available to those with a keen interest in wellness. 

Tracy Drew, the lady behind Holistic & Mystic, has been planning events for several years now to bring together like minded people interested in connecting their mind, body and soul for a holistic approach to their mental and physical well being. As these events are run every year Tracy relies on a support team to help achieve her vision with the same passion she has. By delegating or outsourcing tasks she has more time to focus on attracting exhibitors and giving an excellent experience for attendees. 

Tracy connected with me a couple of years ago after I saw a post looking for volunteers to help out with an event which was taking place nearby, and reached out to her as I had clients working in this field I was keen to get involved and find out more.  We emailed back and forth before setting up a phone call to talk through some marketing ideas.

Tracy wanted to increase ticket sales and raise awareness of the sessions taking place during the event itself. She also wanted a better process for exhibitors to reserve their stand. 

How I Helped Holistic & Mystic

After reviewing their social media I knew they had a huge following on Facebook and Instagram. They were regular posters but not promoting the business side of things at all. So by optimising their pages and inserting promotional material alongside the posts which were already getting good engagement I helped increase the visibility of the events being run, which led to an increase in ticket sales prior to the event and even more sales on the door. 

This was a simple yet effective marketing plan that Tracy could implement herself going forward and keep the momentum going in the run up to the event.

To help her exhibitors I created an online booking form enabling them to secure a stand, pay for it, upload promotional images and insurance documents in one go. Meaning they had less to think about and Tracy was paid upfront. It also saved time in the office as information was collated automatically rather than through data entry allowing the office staff to focus on something else. Furthermore Tracy was pleased she could now secure payment in advance of the events and not worry about people cancelling at the last minute leaving empty stands unsold. 

A few weeks later I volunteered at one of the events and saw the increased footfall for myself as the direct result of consistent implementation of the marketing plan. Tracy was able to replicate the process with other events to produce similar results. All of this helped attract a bigger audience to the events and increase popularity of the many sessions available. 

Tracy now has a set process for promoting the events and ensuring that all exhibitors and attendees are catered for, meaning an increase in people returning to the events year after year, growing her business consistently.

It was great working with Tracy as she knew when and what to outsource in order to grow and keep her event planning business thriving. It has taken some pressure off and allowed her to come up with new ideas for the business going forward. I’m glad I got to see first hand the difference the changes made to her business. 

You can find out more about Holistic & Mystic and the events they run here.

If Tracy’s story resonates with you and you are ready to outsource in order to grow your business then get in touch with me to see how I can support you.