Email Account Set Up

All good email marketing starts with choosing an email service provider to meet your needs. Whether you’re not tech savvy or just don’t have the time, I can set it all up so you are raring to go! 

What’s included:

Cost £45 

List/Audience Management

An unhealthy list has a negative effect on any live email campaigns. So, no matter how polished the content or copy is, if your email list is a bit of a mess, you won’t get the desired results. Give your list a regular health check to improve campaign performance, increase open & click through rates.

What’s included:

Cost from £60 (depending on list size)

Email Campaigns

Use regular email campaigns to promote email only offers for existing customers and turn subscribers into new customers. 

What’s included:

Cost £75 per campaign/newsletter

Email Campaign Management

Fully managed professional email marketing support to help achieve your goals while you focus on what you love doing best! 

Retain customers, find new ones and increase loyalty with this dedicated service.

What’s included:

Cost from £275 per month

Loyalty Programme Starter Package

Do you have a loyalty programme? Is it bringing genuine customers back to your business or are you simply giving away stuff for free?

Use an effective email marketing strategy to make it work for your members AND your business to build authentic customer loyalty. 

What’s included:

Cost from £97 

Don’t have a loyalty programme yet? No worries I can help set one up! Get in touch to chat what you need.

Unsure which service suits your requirements or have questions? Book an informal chat to find out which service is right for you.