Facebook Live Content Tips

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Content Tips for Facebook Live video

Facebook Live videos are a great way to introduce a new service, launch a product or webinar by way of teaser sessions. Now more than ever people are hopping on and being live on their Facebook Page to do just that. But is it getting them the right results?

Going live on Facebook is very easy, however I recommend avoiding the urge to jump on straight away and record a LIVE video without first thinking about content and that dirty word – strategy!

When anyone goes live there is usually a pregnant pause when the host is waiting for people to join which is always awkward even with planned content, but especially true if you’re just winging it. What if you had more confidence that people would join and hear your message?

A strategy would help you do just that. And not only planning out the videos but coordinating other activity like email marketing.

So I recommend having a well thought out strategy to support the GOAL of your live videos. Done well and you’ll achieve your goal. As ever, planning is key and Facebook Lives should be no different especially at times like this.

Create Facebook Live Content

4 easy steps to creating content for Facebook Live video

1. Create a Schedule 
Figure out how often you want to go live daily, once a week etc. Pick a day and time when you can show up consistently. This will help ‘train’ your audience to expect the content delivery at regular intervals. Decide how long you want each video to be.

2. Have a Goal
The most important thing for a Facebook Live is to have an achievable goal. So identify your goal and what you hope to get out of it. For example:

– Do you want more email subscribers?
– Have you got a course or membership to sell?
– Are you building or creating a group community?

What are you trying to achieve right now?

3. Plan 
Knowing your goal makes it easier to plan and create the content you want to provide; keeping you on track to achieve the best results.

Think bite sized chunks in terms of video duration. You want it to hold people’s attention but not so long that it turns them off.

Have a script prepared. Yes I know you’re supposed to be “authentic”, but it’s easy to get distracted, go off topic or miss your point altogether. So at least have some bullet points on a post-it at eye level, pin it to the wall in front of you or have some notes to hand. Whatever is most comfortable for you and allows you to deliver the content calmly and confidently. Once you’ve done a few like this it will become second nature.

Start your script with a quick intro and brief overview of why you’re doing the video including a question about your audience’s pain point, then go on to deliver your message. Follow this up with your call to action – join now, download this, call me – whatever action you want people to take don’t forget to include it! For example:

“Hi, My name is Jackie and I’m going to talk about Facebook Lives. Are you anxious about going live on Facebook? Well by the end of this you’ll be a pro! Download my guide to being camera ready, I’ll pop the link in the description. Any questions? I’ll see you next time.”

4. Follow Up
It’s also important to remember what happens next. after you’ve done the live what are the next steps for you AND your audience.

If your goal is to attract new customers make sure you have a seamless on boarding process or if its new email subscribers you’re after put email sequences together in advance before you start and so on. 

Facebook traffic on mobile devices has increased by 70% since you know what started and it’s not going to decrease anytime soon. Which is why it is the perfect time to roll out your carefully planned Facebook Live content.

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