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Small business guide to building an email list

Why building an email list is important

Building an email list should be one of your top priorities. There is lots of advice about list building, but do you know why and how you should be using it in your business?

Even though email marketing has been around for a while, it is not outdated or irrelevant. When done well, it is one of the best marketing activities you can implement. Unsure if email marketing is for you? Read on.

Build a list, not followers!

While social media is a valuable promotional tool, it has limitations. 

There is no such thing as organic reach anymore. Less than 5% of your followers will see your content in their news feeds just ONCE before it disappears, pushed down by content from other accounts they are following. When you have spent so much time creating content for social media, this is frustrating.

Throw the algorithm into the mix, and it becomes apparent how people end up chasing their tails, which is why they have social media strategies; to get their content seen. However, this is an exhausting way to do marketing with little reward. Not only that, social media companies can change everything at the drop of a hat, including access to your followers. 

There is an easier way. 

Gathering everyone together in an email list creates your very own community where you set the rules. Broken down into smaller groups, you can deliver highly personalised content that is relevant to the subscriber. 

With email marketing, you are very much in charge. With no algorithm to outfox and direct access to followers, you are firmly in the driving seat. Your content stays in the email inbox until it gets deleted, meaning more chance of it being seen and, more importantly, being engaged with by more people.

Making the sale

Email increases your chances of genuine engagement, converting subscribers into paying customers. 

People who sign up for your list want to hear from you. 

There’s an unspoken understanding when people give you their email address. They are handing it over in exchange for relevant content. They believe you will not send spam or irrelevant emails. 

By consistently providing content tailored to them, you have a real chance to build a relationship and create long term, loyal, authentic customers (as opposed to those just in it for the freebies!).

Visibility for your Business

More and more people are taking breaks from social media, meaning that if they’re not in the app when you post, the chances of seeing your content decreases even further. 

On the other hand, people check their emails up to ten times a day because of smartphones. Even though it is still technically online, email is less invasive than social media. People feel more comfortable in their inbox, which is why they still check it even when they take a digital break!

Due to this quirk, your email content becomes more visible. You can stay in touch with more people and get engagement which leads to more sales. 

Building an email list

No matter what stage you’re at with email marketing, it’s never too late to start building a list. 

Pick an email service provider. There are many to choose from; most have free plans. For tech-savvy readers, consider integrating it with your CRM to help you create the right tailored strategies.

The best place to start is with your existing customers. Get them on your list as soon as possible! (of course with permission). If they’re already buying from you, there should be few reasons why they wouldn’t want to hear from you.  

Top 5 tips for building an email list

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