Why am I losing email subscribers?

When it comes to your email list, taking a blanket approach to content is not a good strategy.

How many times have you signed up for a newsletter or subscribed to a mailing list only to unsubscribe further down the line because you were not interested in the emails you received? I know I have!

People sign up for mailing lists because they want to hear from you. If they can’t connect with the email content they lose interest, which leads them to either stop opening the emails or unsubscribing from your list altogether.

Over time this can be damaging for your brand if they come to associate it with irrelevant content. It’s perceived as wasting their time. However, you can get smart with your email list to slow down the rate at which you lose subscribers and start converting more of them into paying customers.

How can I stop losing email subscribers?

It’s never too late to take control of your list to take steps in reducing the number of subscribers you lose. Follow these steps to build a healthier list for more effective email marketing.

First of all, tidy up your list!  Clean data is much more valuable to your business than having a large list. Ideally, you should have one list and one list only. With everyone in the same place the list is much more manageable and less likely to incur additional costs from your email service provider. 

Next, clean these contacts by removing any unsubscribed contacts. Archive them just in case they try to rejoin your list at a later date. If they are deleted they can sign up again, but will not receive any future emails – archiving avoids this! 

Then you want to create segments, groups or tags for your list. Start small. I recommend splitting the list into customers (people you know have made a purchase) and leads (people you want to convert). You know your business and customers better than anyone so brainstorm a few ideas to help drill down and create lists within a list if you’re comfortable doing so.

Once the list has been segmented, it should be clearer to see which email marketing strategies are needed. For example, what is the plan for converting leads into customers? You could also supercharge your list by connecting it to your CRM or sales database. This will help you get even more specific with content creation. 

Say you run an e-commerce pet supplies shop. You could classify a group of customers by the type of pet they own by adding tags to dog owners, cat owners, etc. Now you should start to see the campaigns you can run. Unless they own multiple pets, they won’t be interested in offers, products or services relating to a pet they don’t own!   

On the other hand, if you have aquarium owners on your list, you’ll be able to cross-sell multiple products they may need to keep their aquarium healthy and care for their fish or other water creatures. 

Being smart with your offers AND delivering them at the right time increases open and click-through rates. Selling more and reducing the number of contacts who unsubscribe. 

How could tailored content lead to more successful email marketing in your business?

Get to know your email subscribers

The truth is getting to know your subscribers in this way will make your email marketing more effective and efficient. It’s all part of creating the know, like, trust factor we marketers discuss so much.  Remember, subscribers have traded a little bit of their privacy by giving you their email in exchange for relevant content, so they are bound to appreciate receiving better quality emails from you. Get started by following the steps below.

6 steps to stop email subscribers leaving your list

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